Nafo Vs. Fort Mill: A Speech About High School

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Now, I'm here typing this to explain to you what you heard, it all begin at the lunch table and me and 9 other students were talking about high school. I'm going to Nafo High, and 2 others at the table were also. Me and the 2 other students were talking about how Nafo is better than Fort Mill. 7 others at the lunch tables who were going to Fort Mill said that FM was better than Nafo. So that's when a student on the far left of the table said let's have a rap battle to decide who's better Nafo or FM. So, everyone at the table agreed to it. As soon as it started my friend Gemicha started to rap and one of his line was f--k the yellow jackets and Gemicha was sitting close to me, as soon as he said that you were coming across our lunch table and
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