Nafta Vs Eu International Integration

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Thuc Nguyen MGMT 346 Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Paper Assignment – NAFTA vs EU International Integration With the development of the world economy, all countries are natural to trade and communicate with other people, especially their neighbors. Regional economic integration plays a very important role in the post-war period. This essay is aimed to compare the progress of the strategic competition between the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and their impacts on the United States. According to members of the integration, implementing of competition policy is equally important as liberalize trade. Both unions are federations, but they differ on the status and impact. The concept of regional economic…show more content…
One example is the European Commission blocked the proposed $ 45 billion between US companies General Electric and Honeywell, which approved by US officials. Decision 2001 marked the first time a proposed merger between two US companies fail especially as a result of European regulations (General Electric/Honeywell, 2001). Large American companies wishing to implement the merger now facing an additional barrier: Ignore the EU regulations or the decision of the Commission is not feasible for the importance of the EU market in most sectors of the economy. Microsoft and other US companies have felt the problem of the EU 's competition policy in other territories are not related to the merger such as unfair practices lead to market dominance. EU impact on business operations and corporate America is considerable, but still stand a lot commonly unknown to a great many beyond those most directly influenced in business community. News organizations can do a better job of providing information on these issues. Most people, even those who keep up with current work, may know very little about what kind of EU policy. On the other side, NAFTA affects the U.S companies in some principal ways. First, U.S companies have more freedom in transfer funds and working labor between internal affiliated subsidiaries. American companies can apply most of the method for financial management such as transfer funds, dividends share and investor report, … U.S companies are allowed to
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