Nahom Yohannes. Ccr092. Ms.Campbell. April 28, 2017 . Let’S

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Nahom Yohannes
April 28, 2017

Let’s imagine a school with small group classroom sizes, preparing students for college and careers after high school. Also with diverse AP and honor classes by creating a program to help aid students to learn about these classes and the benefits. Since they haven’t created a program to prevent students falling into the government system. In my eyes this is an ideal school that can help and benefit students and the future way of learning. Although Denver South High School is doing well in the areas of diversity and culture, south could improve on preparing students for future careers, enlightening students on the benefits of AP and honor courses provided at the school and also creating
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If America doesn’t provide focus on immigrants and miniorites it causes them to be in poverty without an oppurtunity.
However just like many schools South lacks in awareness of cec classes and also career and college readiness. There is not enough focus on how there are different options other than college. I believe that colleges have enough money to help fund schools and we play the roll as the consumers paying extremely high tution rates. As a student at south for 3 years I have never been given the opportunity or even heard about CEC classes until this semester. This is an example of how awareness is not being shown at South. As a senior this year I know many of the graduates of last year and most of them are struggling or deal with financial troubles. If these students were more prepaired or even shown different opportunities could of been different.
In addition, South could improve in the area of diversifying AP and honor classes by letting students have the chance to take advantage of the opportunity. Even though we need to improve in this area we are moving in the right direction with the program called Rising Rebels where student in AP and honor classes are able to be shadowed by students who don’t take those classes. Many AP and honor are predominantly one race which is not fair to others. As a school we should help find people’s strengths and help them take advantage of the opputunity of AP and honor

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