Nail Essentials

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If you are striving to get salon looking manicure at home, then these tips will definitely help you. Doing manicure at home saves you the money as you get beautiful looking hands at your home itself.
1. Arrange For All The Nail Essentials
First and foremost, when offering your nails salon looking style, then you need to organise the essentials required. These essentials include a nail polish remover and cotton swabs or pads, nail clippers, nail buffer, cuticle pusher and nippers, callous or cuticle remover, hand and nail moisturiser, a base coat, a nail varnish and a transparent top coat.
2. Remove The Previously Applied Nail Varnish
With the help of a nail polish remover and a cotton swab, you can carefully remove the previously applied
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This strengthens the nature of the nails and enhances its growth. Use a nail buffer that is gentle on your nails for the even shaping of your nails. It is recommended not to use any metal or coarse nail filler, this cause splintering of the nails.
4. Remove The Cuticles And Callous Around Your Nails
Using a cuticle pusher or nippers, carefully remove the cuticle around your nails. Cuticles are known as the thin layer of skin around your nails, if avoided it hurts your fingers and make it look shabby. Cut the cuticles using nippers and gently push away the excess using a cuticle pusher. Make sure not to push the cuticles forcefully, this will prevent healthy nail growth.
5. Moisturise Your Hands And Apply A Fresh Coat Of Nail Varnish
In order to hydrate and replenish the skin of your hands, apply a silky base of moisturiser to it. It softens the hand and prepares the nails for a fresh coat of nail varnish. For brittle or weak nails, apply a base coat. This prevents the nail from chipping. After this, apply at least two coats of your nail varnish. Give your nails a finishing touch and shine using the transparent top
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