Nail Salon Essay

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Salons Illegal Business Practices and the State Responsibly When analyzing factual reports such as “The High Price of Pretty Nails”, it is very important to recognize its Social and legal implications. Recently Sarah Nir The New York Times reporter exposed the illegal treatment of immigrants in the nail salons. Nail Salons illegally abuse undocumented immigrants in New York City, because the government fails to properly enforce the regulations. In her article, Nir accuses the nail salon owners for breaking the state minimum hourly wage law. Nir (2015) reported “Vast majority of workers are paid below minimum wage; sometimes they are not even paid” (Introduction section). Basically, Nir is warning that nail salon owners take advantage of the hard working manicurists who work there and enslave them. Moreover, Nir interviews over one hundred nail salons employees and employers in New York City, and discovers that most of these hard working manicurists are undocumented…show more content…
According to Nir (2015), “The agency had never conducted a sweep of nail salons until last year” (Lack of Investigations section). In other words, Nir’s point is that the nail salons in New York City are in violation of state minimum hourly wage law from the time of their establishment until 2014, and the government agencies such as the Labor Department is not doing its job to enforce the regulations. I agree with Nir’s argument, the government relevant agencies, in this case the Labor Department failed to fulfil its primary duty and enforce the regulations on nail salons in order to prevent them from illegal business practices. If The New York Times reporter would not have done her job as a responsible citizen and a journalist, the situation would have continued in these nail salons without anyone knowing about
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