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Nair's Techniques in film "Monsoon Wedding" Mira Nair directed the 2000 film 'Monsoon Wedding' with the intention of making it a Bollywood film on her own terms. Through watching the film, it becomes evident that this was mixing traditional ideals of Indian Bollywood together with the modern elements of the West, such as those depicted in particular in Hollywood films, the Western equivalent of the Bollywood film industry although on not so large a scale. Nair spent the latter part of her further education in the United States of America, attending Harvard University, where her more modern ethics, compared to the conventional Indian principles she was brought up with, were developed and thus came…show more content…
Some characters have their own individual themes with regards to the style of music played when they are onscreen; for example, Rahul, a 19 year old University student from Sydney, is introduced driving in a car into a traditional Indian home playing very loud heavy bass Western music, an example of diegetic sound that would not normally be found within a traditional Bollywood film. The character for whom Nair uses music to it's greatest effect is Alice, a servant within the main family's, the Verma's, household. Whenever she is onscreen, much more traditional non - diegetic, or mood music, is played, using a combination of conventional, lower tempo and pace tabla beats. This gives strength to her individual storyline, which is a more typical Bollywood love story, and is noticeable in particular in scenes with her love interest, a wedding organiser named Dube. It also helps to establish the nature of her character, which also is more traditional, using only Hindi and Punjabi to speak with unlike other characters who also use English, which once again shows a Western influence although Nair herself did not write the script. Camera angles and editing play an important role with regards to the success in the achievement of Nair's aim. Close-ups in particular are one of the most effective camera angles as they often emphasise parts of the storyline by focussing on a character's

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