Naivete V. Boldness Case Analysis

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Case analysis: write up Naiveté v. Boldness

• Who are the relevant stakeholders and what is at stake for each of them?
Foley: She believed that the advice of consultant was not correct. She did not want CEO to sale the hospital. First, she was just promoted to be Senior Vice President and COO. She was quite satisfied with this job because she had more responsibility for the hospital and more chance to complete her MAB. What is more, she had a strong mentor, CEO. Right now, CEO was counting on her support. If she disagreed with him, he might lose confidence on her. So she might lose career opportunities in the future. In the meanwhile, she thought such disagreement means that she betrayed CEO and let him down. She might also leave the
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Sale of the institute to for-profit one is a very usual way to solve financial problems. He will also mention that CEO has been very interested in this proposal so that Foley would also agree with it.

Community: Community would not agree with the sale of the hospital because once it was sold, consumers will be hurt. Community wants as many kinds of health service exist as possible. But if the hospital was sold, some healthcare would be cancelled due to no profit. Right now, the hospital is the only local provider of the mental healthcare. If such service was cut off, consumer in this area would have no access to get the mental healthcare. The consequence could be quite serious. Moreover, without the hospital, there would be only one local hospital left. It could monopolize the whole health service in this area. It could raise the service price as it wants. Consumers, especially poor people would suffer a lot in such cases. Therefore, community will provide all reasons to disagree with this proposal.

Government: Government would also disagree with the sale of the hospital. Government has its own public funds to fund the health service. If the hospital was sold to others, the funds would be not well-spend in the future. Right now, the hospital could use all funds to offer charitable healthcare to local people. If hospital was for profit, then its managers would
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