Najmah Create Conflicts In 'Under The Persimmon Tree'?

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(AGG) We have heard many rules of the Taliban that people under them need to obey to stay safe. (BS-1) In ‘Under the Persimmon Tree’ the Taliban rule of boys aged 15 or above being snatched away from their families and being put in the Taliban army creates conflicts for Najmah and sets the plot for her storyline.(BS-2) Similarly, the rule of women always having to wear a burqa creates conflicts for Nusrat and sets the plot for her storyline.(BS-3) Najmah and Nusrat both receive conflicts with the rule of women not being allowed out alone.
(TS) In ‘Under the Persimmon Tree’ the author uses real-life Taliban rules and enforcements on women and common people to create conflicts and set the plot for both characters.

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(SIP-A) According to, women whom are not wearing burqas are beaten up cruelly in public. For Nusrat, the harassment of Asma using this rule gets Faiz thinking about returning to his homeland to help, which sets the whole story in Peshawar for Nusrat and creates her conflicts so she can attain self-realization. (STEWE-1) After Faiz receives a letter about Asma being harassed, he and Nusrat decide to move to Peshawar, where Sultan had informed them that Peshawar was going to be their new home. “Within a matter of weeks stories of abuse and beatings and jailings were everywhere. Sultan wrote to Faiz in 1998 that he was closing the house in Kabul and moving the family to Peshawar. Early in the spring of 2001 Faiz and Nusrat arrived in Peshawar, settling into the small house where within weeks Nusrat opened the garden to refugee children” (Staples 99). With additional news of troubling stories from Afghanistan, Nusrat notices Faiz is not as focused as he used to be. When Nusrat addresses this issue with him, she figures out he wants to go back and help his country. “‘Have you ever had something happen to a member of your family that you thought you might have been able to do something about?’ he asked one morning… ‘No, I have not,’ she said. ‘But your family …show more content…

(R) The Taliban were extremists who believed in a very harsh view of Islam which affects the storyline and brings in conflicts in ‘Under the Persimmon Tree’ by Suzanne Fisher

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