Najmah Has Lost Part Of The Eyes In The World Chapter Summary

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(MIP-1) Najmah has lost most of her family at the Taliban and Americans hand, this left najmah alone to fend for herself with no one looking after her or being with her.

(SIP-A)Baba-Jan and Nur were taken by the Taliban to fight for them, Mada-Jan and Habib, Najmahs newborn baby brother were both bombed by the americans in their house.
(STEWE-1) 17 “ The leader turns and says to Baba-Jan, ‘To repay us for having helped our enemy, you must come and fight with the taliban’... , Your son, too,’ says the man.” Najmah and her mother were left alone by themselves with no food to eat or animals to kill for food. They also had no male members living with them so any man could come and take their land.
(STEWE-2) 66-67
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(SIP-A) In the beginning of chapter one Najmah believes that she is stronger than Nur and Mada-jan said that Najmah was a strong and brave girl .
(STEWE-1) 9 “‘You are a brave strong girl.’”
How it supports SIP: This quote from Mada-Jan saying that Najmah is a strong and brave girl shows that she is not a weak or afraid girl.
(STEWE-2) 9
“I want to tell him that i can carry as much water as nur, who is not much bigger, and as quickly too”
How it supports SIP: This quote from najmah explains how she is stronger than Nur by carrying more water and faster than he can.
(SIP-B)Najmah gets a haircut and new clothes to make herself look like a boy after she meets Khalida and Ahktar since Akhtar helped Najmah after her mother died.
(STEWE-1)83 “the next thing thing i am conscious of is being lifted in arms of bibi Usmani's brother Akhtar, who carries me across what was the front of our house to the broken acacia tree. Akhtar's wife, Khalida, cups my chin in her hand and pours water into my mouth from a ladle. Khalida wearing men's clothing.” From the moment Akhtar,Khalida and najmah met they have treated najmah with kindness by giving her water and carrying her from her old blown up house mourning her mother and Habibs death.
(STEWE-2)84 “She picks up a pair of scissors that lies on the pile of quilts and snipes at my hair in short strokes until it
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