Naked Through The Eddies Of The Sea

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Jacqueline Bitetto
Mr. Breig
English 11H
9 March 2013
Naked Through the Eddies of the Sea “I feel ashamed to go naked about the world” (Whitman). Poetry, for many, is a comfort and a pleasure for the senses. But, for Walt Whitman, it was something much more. Poetry was a channel for his most profound emotions and a mass broadcasting of his entire being. In his beautiful words, he was able not only to convey both misery and elation to the masses, but absolute truth. His Leaves of Grass revealed so much about his persona that it served as, perhaps, one of the most beautifully written American autobiographies. It has been said that a true artist must let himself be vulnerable to the world—allowing for critics and skeptics to take him apart like vultures-- and Whitman published his poems and walked amongst his peers naked for all to see. For him to be a homosexual on top of all of this was an even bigger component of his revealed “shame”, but he revealed it nonetheless. In “I Sing the Body Electric,” “The Sleepers,” and “Song of Myself,” Whitman conveys a personal theme of homosexuality through his imagery of the male physique. Whitman’s homosexuality, considered at the time as a taboo, had to be concealed during his early life given the circumstances of his upbringing. May 31st, 1819 was the day Whitman first came to breathe air on this earth and the day he was named after his father, a carpenter, in West Hills, Long Island (Whitman Archive). A son being named for his father

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