Naloxone Distribution : Ineffective Way For Deterring Opiate Overdose

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Naloxone Distribution: Ineffective way to deter opiate overdose
Clarisse Goue UW-Madison School of Nursing

Naloxone distribution: Ineffective way to deter opiates overdose
In the United States, (US) the death from the use of opioid overdose has been increasing drastically. According to the National Institution on drug abuse, the number of deaths from opioids overdose has increased from 10-15k in 2002 to 30-35 in 2015 (NIH, 2015). This epidemic has become a global public health concern (Wermeling, 2013) since the number of death (69,000) has been increasing world widely each year (WHO, 2014). In response to this growing epidemic, community-based programs have been providing opioid antagonist
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These goals would be accomplished by increasing funding to provide education to the clinician who prescribes opioid, create a mentoring program, functional family therapy and drug courts to help the community.
The easy access of Narcan may encourage opioid overdose in the US. In Ohio, for example, the rates of naloxone administration have increased 38% from 2003 to 2012 (Massatti, 2013). Diagnoses of opioid addiction and abuse increased almost 330% from 2001-2012 (Massatti et al., 2014). This surge in opiate addiction correlates with the increase in naloxone usage. Moreover, there is concern that untrained persons lack the knowledge to recognize an overdose, which leads to a misuse of resources (WVU-ICRC, 2013). Naloxone is typically administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or subcutaneously (Clarke and Dargan, 2002). The activity of naloxone may cause a complete reversal of narcotic effects. This sudden change could result in acute withdrawal syndrome, which involves, nausea, vomiting and more severe symptoms such as tachycardia and cardiac arrest (DailyMed, 2013). Therefore, naloxone should be carefully administered to people who are suspected or recognized to be physically reliant on opioids. A patient who has responded well to naloxone should be continuously monitored, since the duration of action of some opioids may be greater than that of naloxone
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