Nalyzing The Concept Of Palliative Care Essay

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nalyzing the concept of Palliative care
Mauricio A. Barrera
Appalachian State University School of Nursing


Throughout life and individual can experience a myriad of unexpected developments can which can have a dramatic effect on their lifestyle and how they are able to communicate with others. Comorbidities are the multiple appearances of a serious chronic disease like cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, which have a negative effect on the patient’s way of life (“Comorbidities”, 2016). In these situations, Health Care providers can recommend palliative care, a specialized form of medicine that works alongside the patient with a team of health care professionals and social workers, to individualize a care plan toward realistic expectation and agreed upon the goals of increasing the patient’s quality of life, relieving pain, and minimizing their disease symptom level (“What is palliative care?,” n.d.). While palliative care can sometimes be mistaken as being synonymous with hospice, the difference between the two is that hospice care relegates patients for whom are actively dying therapeutic treatment and focus on relieving only the patient’s pain and symptoms until their eventual death. The goal of the treatment plan is to work toward managing the patient’s pain and symptoms to an attainable and desired level for a patient when curative treatment is not possible or for patients who are terminally ill but who

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