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Namaste Solar Case Study 1. What is the mission of Namaste Solar? How does the mission reflect the company’s values? Explain. The mission statement of Namaste Solar is “to propagate the responsible use of solar energy, pioneer, conscientious business practices and create holistic wealth for our community which benefits all stakeholders equally- customers, employees, investors, and the environment.” The mission statement reflects the company’s values because they direct explain how the values or linked the mission statement. The company has five core values. The first value is “care for the earth.” Namaste Solar Company’s core activity was designing and installing solar energy systems.” Namaste Solar even went so far and got there…show more content…
He is responsible for making sure that community has a good idea and sense of understanding exactly what the company does, what they stand for, and the importance of solar energy. Yes, I do think that the company’s strategy is ethical and does address the needs of all of it stakeholders because for one the company is going about promoting and advertising their company the right way. They aren’t doing any false educational programs or promoting their company and the employees are very involved in the decision-making process so this benefits them as stakeholders. Therefore none of the employees are blindside by any of the decision making situations that the company has. 3. How does Namaste Solar link rewards and incentives to strategically-important employee behaviors and the company’s targeted outcomes? Namaste Solar has linked rewards and incentives to strategically-important employee behaviors and the company’s targeted outcomes because from the start Namaste Solar used a strategy for encouraging employees by showing a commitment to employee ownership. The company crafted restricted stock plans that allowed all employees have an equal opportunity to buy shares in Namaste Solar at any time, at the then-current value. They allow newly hired employees to buy stock on their first day and get to enjoy the benefits of ownership, including dividends if any are paid. One of the founders of

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