Name: Abdulaziz Abdulkhaev Grade: 10 Ms. Leggett One World Essay: Biodiversity and Ecosystem

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Name: Abdulaziz Abdulkhaev Grade: 10 Ms. Leggett One World Essay: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses Overfishing There are many environmental problems that cause biodiversity and ecosystem losses. They include: Overfishing, Coral reef destruction, Invasive species disruptions/alien species, and Deforestation. The problem that I chose to discuss and look for scientific solutions is Overfishing. Many countries over the world rely on fishing as their primary source for protein. That makes this a global issue. First, What is Overfishing? Well, according to overfishing is has 3 definitions that have been used by organizations and governments. The 3 issues are: • “The practice of commercial and non-commercial fishing which…show more content…
And you can also solve it by using a scientific method, which I will talk about a lot through out this essay. There are a couple of scientific methods that can really help to solve the overfishing issue. The best one would be that you could increase fish numbers by building fish farms that would specialize in fish breeding. So people around the world could comfortably fish with seeing a huge decline of the fish population in the oceans. Now that is how science is used to solve a problem. Now, solutions like these come with benefits and limitations. I will talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of fish farming and fish breeding with regard to social and economic factors. Fish farming is a great solution in regard of Overfishing, but there are also Benefits and Limitations of this solution regarding different factors. Economically this solution has great benefits. Domestic seafood demand is predicted to be 2.2 million metric tons more than today by 2025. That is a potential of $1 billion per year if the supply of fish kept up by fish farming and breeding. The current US production from aquacultures like fish farming is near to $900 million annually. The US department of commerce hopes that will be increased by $5 billion by 2025. That is a HUGE economic benefit if fish farming is not broken down. Now of course if the farmers hear those facts, they
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