Name: Chiagozie Harry Okeke. Date: 02/20/2017. My Proposal

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Name: Chiagozie Harry Okeke
Date: 02/20/2017
My proposal policy “To Increase the border control and security against unauthorized immigrants."
Unauthorized immigrants in the United States of American border control has being a big problem and concern with regards to national security. There are a lot of people from various countries that want to migrate into United States for so many individual reasons known to them. The United States is a country known for countless jobs which other nations don’t have. A great number of immigrants, however, want to move away from their government reason because the government doesn’t treat them right just the way they want to be treated. For that reason, they move to the United States because they want …show more content…

However, the United States administration has made great efforts to safeguard border security for the purposes of creating a border control system that confirms that only those who are legally allowed to enter the United States will be able to do so.
Therefore, my main challenges in trying to pass the policy will be trying to get the proposal to the house of senate, house of representative and the congress to approve it, finding the building cost issues of the border, payment for staffing issues, who will build it and who will fund it issues, length of time frame to build it issues, weather issues why building the border, the material cost issues, how to get people who will build the border wall issues and height issues.
In terms of who would foresee as the potential blocker of policy, I will say that they are the congress, house of senate and house of representative. However, I will deal with them by trying to get the congress, the house of senate and house of representative on my side in other to see reasons with my proposal right from the onset by telling them the effective material cost, the importance of security, how it will protect the citizens in the long run. I will try to restructure my proposal and after which get more citizens on board to help them save the community more money. I

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