Name: Millicent Asubonteng. Lecturer: Christi Derr. Subject:

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Name: Millicent Asubonteng
Lecturer: Christi Derr
Subject: Sociology
Date: 3rd April, 2017
Advertising and Consumer Buying
Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business 's product or service. The purpose of advertising may also be to reassure employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful (Lake, 2016). Advertising informs people of a product or service; it tells how a product or service has come into existence, how it is used, the importance of it, and where one can locate it. The product or service that is being advertised has the aim of persuading people to buy the product or service. They usually inform people how their product is better than other brands. An
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In this other, the strategy is that, the company uses people with clear and sweet voices to advertise their product, and also use attractive images. Hudgins (2017) said, “There is one advert that first made during a Super Bowl broadcast for a product called HeadOn that remains the classic example of the advertising technique. Though the advertisement never explained what the product does, viewers remembered its name”. Repetition serves as a reminder to customers and the product shows itself to customers when they shop, even when it is not on the shopping list. This is how repeating of an ad can persuade people to buy unwanted products.
Another way advertising can affect customer buying is claims. This kind of advertisement tells specific thing about the product or service and what the product can do to the buyer. The product or the service becomes successful when it provides information. The information serves as orientation, and it develops expectations in the buyer (Hudgins, 2017). The advert must tell more of the product, for example: the name, what it is, what it does, and how it is used. In this manner, the buyers will have an idea or knowledge and interest of the product and that will make them buy, thus make the product successful. According to Hudgins (2017), “Claims can state facts or simply use hype, such as calling one brand

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