Name Of Character : Pat Solitano Jr.

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Name of Character: Pat Solitano Jr Source (movie title, date): Silver Linings Playbook, 2012 The client is a white male in his 30s and was a high school history teacher. He is currently separated from his wife and is living with his parents in the Philadelphia area after being discharged from the Karel Psychiatric Facility in Baltimore. The client spent 8 months in the Psychiatric Facility and claims that he’s “doing a lot better and is eager to get back to his life”. He is charming and intense, but refuses to take his medication because he believes it makes him feel “hazy”. The client seeks to improve his body image by losing weight and getting in shape by running, as well as improve his marriage with his wife (who currently has a…show more content…
Upon meeting her he explains why his compliment to her is not flirtatious because he’s married. He displays symptoms of rapid talking, delusions (about being with his wife) and impulsiveness when asking how her husband died. Dysfunction: The client has a manic episode in which he is frantically searching for his wedding video in the middle of the night and accidently elbows his mother in the face in the process. The client then proceeds to get in a fight with his father over the incident with his mother, making the situation even worse. The client displays symptoms of irritability, restlessness, impaired judgement, impulsiveness, reckless behavior, and disregard for consequences (Zhou, 2014). Distress: The client goes to see his therapist and hears his wedding song played while in the waiting room. It triggers a traumatic event that reminds him of his wife’s affair. This causes him to be irritable and easily angered, causing a scene as he attempts to find the speaker playing the song. Another episode occurs when Tiffany storms out of the diner (specified it was NOT a date) and the client tries to calm her down in front of the movie theater. He tries to quiet her down but she yells repeatedly, “He’s assaulting me!” Individuals around them try to subdue him, but the client begins to hear the wedding song. The wedding song is a delusion and it causes him to become upset. He begins to

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