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Everyone has an identity which is shaped by both religious, racial, or cultural affiliations, and present day society. Amin Maalouf discusses this, calming the first group as being a “vertical” heritage and the latter being a “horizontal heritage.” Though he clearly states that “vertical” heritage, cultural and religion, are crucial, Maalouf believes that people are more influenced by society; their “horizontal” heritage. He argues the fact that we may have our different “vertical heritage,” but we depend on our “horizontal” one to live day to day.
The excerpt is displaying the fact that individual are most influenced by their surroundings. Races are coming together and cultures are being intertwined but people still claim to be part of certain groups. Maalouf claim is interesting when he gives light to “…the gulf that exists between what we are and what we think we are” (In the Name of Identity). This is significant because Maalouf is trying to say that we keep in mind that we are part of this race or that sector of society, but we, as individuals, primarily claim to a piece of society. Society plays a
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Each individual has their own way of balancing the two heritages making up their identity. I believe that even though horizontal heritage is what young adults depend on to survive and fit into society, for me, vertical heritage is superior. Being a Pakistani Muslim, religion and culture always triumph the ways of society. I wear a scarf, covering my hair, even though it is not the social norm. Whenever anyone asks what my nationality is, I always have the tendency to say Pakistani even though I am an American citizen. My identity is balanced with vertical heritage overarching the horizontal one. Each individual creates their own identity, therefore it is up to him/her how much vertical heritage and horizontal heritage they want to
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