Name at Least Two Things That Southwest Is Doing Efficiently

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* 1. Just Plane Smart Harvard Business School – Case Study Summary Abhishek Mehra Balaji P Saruabh Ranadive Sarang Bhutada * 2. The setting It’s summer of 1993 Southwest is expecting delivery of two uncommitted planes McGlade needs to find a way, to put these planes in operation, keeping the organizational objectives are intact Final decision would have to preserve the Southwest culture and spirit About Southwest Started as a intra-state operator in Texas Budget airline philosophy, survived a severe price-war Operating out of Dallas’s Love Field airport, hence the ticker LUV 7 th largest in the country by April 1993 Expanded to become a national carrier, serving major cities Short-haul, high-frequency, low-cost strategy 12 time winner …show more content…
We're competing with ground transportation" * 10. Promotion Strategies: Marketing Mix Southwest Airlines wants to differentiate itself from other airlines as the airline that can get passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time, at the lowest possible fares – while having fun. Frequent Flyer Awards Rapid Rewards-based on number of trips taken Way of showing Southwest’s philosophy that every customer is equally important as the other and making ALL passengers feel special. Advertising “ Don’t believe the hype.” Fares offered by other discounters and airlines on the Web are not good buys. Southwest attempts to do three things in their advertising: intrigue Entertain persuade “ We’d like to match their new fares but we’d have to raise ours!!" * 11. Television Sports Advertising Sports television programming Reaching the corporate set via sports and other venues In 2000, Southwest renewed its multi-year sponsorship agreement with the National Football League (NFL). Public Relations Aims for “Free publicity” Triple Crown Award for the fifth time in a row Named a plane Triple Crown One and painted 24,000 employee names on it Internal Marketing Core Business - Customer Service business—they just happen to provide airline transportation Southwest’s philosophy - “Service
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