Names Symbolize The Power Of Naming

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The term ‘ name’ acts as an identifier of a person and a place and acknowledges of their cultural and social beliefs. It gives power or authority to individuals to showcase their ideas .
Names are highly influenced on one’s values, thoughts and ideologies.
It symbolises the power of one’s religious and traditional values. It helps not only to identify the person or the place but also the history behind them and their ancestral link.
Different people have different perceptions regarding a name, some may connect with a name and some may not. It depends on their thoughts and beliefs. For instance when renaming of places took place, there were some who were satisfied with it but there were also some people who were not as they were not able to connect with it. …show more content…

This process can also bring a change in the people and galvanise them to work for the betterment of their area with the commencement of new thoughts and ideas. It helps the people to portray their ideologies and what change they want to bring in the society through the power of naming.
Naming showcases the different beliefs of different people and how contradictory the beliefs are from one another concerning the significance of a same site , how one individual thinks that the traditional values should be kept in mind while the other think that its time for the traditional values to get vanished and modern to

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