Naming Famous Places

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Orlando, Fl was first called Jernigan for Aaron Jernigan an early settler. It was later renamed to honour Orlando Reeves, an army sentry killed during the Seminole Wars. Did you know that prior to the American Civil War, the area was a cotton and cattle centre, just imagine cows grazing on what is know the site of Disney World. It’s incredible how fast things can change. It is important for us to now the historic value of place-name, it is something that has a great amount of significance.
A place-name is a word or words, that are used to indicate, denote, or identify a geographic locality such as a town, river, or mountain. Toponymy refers to the study of a place-name. Place-names are important for many reasons. Just imagine a world without the existence of place-names? This would cause a state of confusion among the world; no one will ever be able to locate things. Our sense of where we are depends on place-names. Place-names also have some type of historic value. Just from studying the different cities located in Minnesota, we are able to trace the ancestry of this land back to the Finnish. While traveling around the state the place-names could help you easily pinpoint out which of the lands were settled by the Norwegians, Finnish, and Scandanavians. Place-names…
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