Naming a Pharmaceutical Brand: a Product Manager’s Dilemma

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Background Information: The case is about the dilemma of a product manager of a pharmaceutical company, regarding the name of a new product that has failed to capture the market as expected. The case talks about brand extension of an existing brand which has a strong customer base in the field of neurology. It is named after the core brand so that it could enjoy a good brand recall. After completing the market research, the teaser campaign is started to attract the target segment i.e. gynecologists. Other marketing strategies including scientific detailing and attractive starter packs are also followed. To treat certain rare neurological disorders, the product is also marketed to neurologists and physicians. However, despite all the…show more content…
The requirement in this case included customer interaction (Interaction with doctors), interaction with sales managers and drug retailers. They are the ones who affect the number of sales. The doctors prescribed the drug, sales managers made it available in the market and took the feedback; the drug retailer sold it to the consumer. For the doctors to prescribe any new drug, brand name acceptance is very important. So discussing the same with them before taking any major decision would definitely have helped the brand. Apart from the brand name and customer interaction, the case also helps us in understanding the constraints faced by a product manager in continuing with existing name or re-naming a pharmaceutical product in the market. Continuing with the same name might not help as the gynecologists are not comfortable with the name and refrain themselves from prescribing it. At the same time, renaming the brand poses a challenge to the existing prescriptions by neurologists. Hence, withdrawing or changing the brand name shakes their confidence and also that of the market. That has a negative impact on the core brand of the company. So a well thought over decision has to be taken. SWOT Analysis: Strengths • Popularity of the core brand- X Neuro with physicians and neurologists • Strong positioning of the brand with respect to neurological disorders Weaknesses • Inappropriate brand name • Association

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