Nancy Bligh Was Born October 25Th, 1954 In Paterson, New

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Nancy Bligh was born October 25th, 1954 in Paterson, New Jersey to Elizabeth Anne Gormley and Edward Bligh. When Elizabeth gave birth to her third child Nancy, she immediately felt like she was going into labor again. To everyone’s amazement, she gave birth again to a fourth child! Sadly, when she asked the doctor what the gender of the other child was, the doctor said, “You don’t need to know that. You just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. That is all you need to know.” Back then the doctors did not have to tell you everything they tell you know. Liz, swears that she gave birth twice so Nancy would have been a twin, but the other baby was a stillborn. The doctors would not talk to her about it. Nancy and her family moved to Guilford,…show more content…
Over time he became a local and they family finally fit in. Nancy’s mother Elizabeth was the tenth out of thirteen children. She married at 16 and had six children of her own. Nancy’s father was 19 when he married Elizabeth, and he was the youngest of four children. They felt obligated to get married because Liz was pregnant and it was not socially acceptable for her to be a single teenage mother. After 16 years of marriage they got a divorce and Nancy’s mom moved back to New Jersey. Years later she moved to Arizona so that she could live near her own mother. Liz remarried in Arizona, but never had any more children. Her dad lived in Sangerville, Maine after the divorce. Eventually, he remarried and divorced for the second time. Luckily he got a son named Billy out of that marriage. Edward decided at the age of 48 to take a sabbatical from the real-estate business and travel. After he split from his ex-wife he traveled while he still had his health. At the age of 69 Edward Bligh died of lung cancer. He acquired lung cancer most likely from smoking cigarettes for the majority of his life. While Ed was still living with cancer, Nancy took him to all of his doctors appointments as well as to all of his scheduled radiation and chemotherapy appointments. Sadly, he only lived eighteen months after he was diagnosed. Nancy was twelve years old when her parents divorced and the family was split up. Half

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