Nancy's Affliction in William Faulknerñs That Evening Sun

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The exploitation of Nancy’s racial stature in William Faulkner’s That Evening Sun is one of the world’s most deeply saddening, unavoidable truths that we have faced since the dawn of civilization. These racial indignities have provoked the masses to violence which that is stemmed from the ignorance that lays within these troubled souls. In this exposition I will illuminate these appalling sins that affected Nancy. Of these circumstances is the Chauvinistic contempt that was invoked upon Nancy.Where hence she was deathly afraid of her husband due to her infidelity and how the racial social divides of the time affected her. I will discuss how these themes still affect us today and why they were relevant during Nancy’s time. I will elucidate and compare Nancy’s life with the women in the Middle East and how people’s civil rights are disregarded and treat them like there are no consequences; these dictating people have absolute dominion over these women and are willing to go to any length to secure their domination.
The subjugation the white people had upon Nancy led her to a severe mortification which is the fault of the white man's self-appeasement. This exploitation was made relevant when Nancy said:
When are you going to pay me, white man? When are you going to pay me, white man? It’s been three times since you paid me a cent-’ Mr Stovall knocked her down, but she kept on saying, ‘When are you going to pay me, white man? Its been three times since-’ until Mr Stovall kicked
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