Nando's Marketing Environment and the Environmental Factors That Are Most Likely to Affect the Bussiness

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You’ll find it in Malaysia, Dubai and the UK (among several other international destinations), where it has the distinct taste of home. It is fast building a global empire, but its roots are in the local communities it serves with pride. And although it’s not scared to take a hard look at social issues – or to speak out about them – it maintains a soft spot for its consumers with an awareness that it touches their lives in many ways.

That’s what makes Nando’s such a special brand, according to Thulani Mahlangu, Brand Manager (Marketing Support Southern Africa Region). Of course, the story of the company’s beginnings also plays a part here: Robbie Brozin and Fernando Duarte opened the first restaurant as a little neighbourhood eatery. It
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Although the brand has become particularly well known for its politically inspired commentary, it’s exploring other areas, predominantly because, having established this communication space, other brands have hurried to play in it. In its quest to be ever more innovative, the brand has looked to new areas, and with the recent ‘How Far Would You Go For Your Nando’s Fix’ campaign it drew on its peri-peri heritage as a vehicle to drive sales rather than merely create brand awareness.

With its cheeky voice, it wouldn’t be amiss to compare the Nando’s brand to satirical cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, better known as Zapiro, who regularly and fearlessly highlights what’s on the South African psyche. Likewise, the brand is always in tune with what’s happening. This appeals to a customer who is proudly South African, and proud that South Africa has given rise to a brand of Nando’s calibre; who is savvy and aware of what’s going on around them but doesn’t take themselves too seriously; who is health-conscious and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Despite its occasionally acid tongue, Nando’s definitely has a soft side. On a national level, it is involved with United Against Malaria, an ongoing project that works to overcome the spread of malaria in Africa. As part of this, it has joined forces with likeminded individuals and organisations throughout the continent to
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