Nanomedicine: A Tiny World Essay

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Nanomedicine: A Tiny World Medical technology is advancing faster today than ever before allowing for easier, faster, simpler and advances in medical devices, procedures and diagnosis’. Medical devices also keep getting smaller; very, very small – the size of a nanometre. Nanotechnology is technology that controls matter at a molecular level. Nano means one billionth of a metre which is the range of an atom. (Appendix 1, Figure 1) From its beginning, nanotechnology has been more of a dream than reality. In recent years, however, these dreams are being transformed into reality. Medical procedures will become more efficient by targeting diseases and repairing damaged tissues at the molecular level by using nanoparticles. (Appendix 1,…show more content…
He combined them with a current and antibody receptors so virus detection can occur. When the virus binds with the antibody, the nanowires conduct revealing the virus’ presence. With the combination of silicon nanowires in the form of an array, many different types of diseases can be analysed with just a small amount of blood. This suggests new alternatives in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. By utilizing these detectors, doctors will soon be able to detect infections at their early stages. Even though the immune system can remove small infections, nanowires would be able to identify the dangerous ones and medical interventions would be sooner rather than later. (Williams, and Adams) Scientists are also working on the creation of nanorobots (nanobots for short) to improve the tools that are used in a medical intervention. The article “Medical Nanobots”, Sylvain Martel, director of the nanorobotics laboratory at École Polytechnique de Montréal, said, “In many types of interventions, medical specialists are lacking appropriate tools to do a good job, and I believe that nanorobotics could bring new methods and tools to these particular applications.” (Medical Nanobots, Kroeker, 1) Nanobots are tiny medical machines that are placed into the human body maintaining and protecting it against diseases. (Appendix 1, Figure 4 and 5) These medical robots can be imagined to be made from magnetic carriers and flagellated bacteria controlled by a computer. Before they are

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