Nanosolar Is A Developer Of Solar Power Technology Founded

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Nanosolar is a developer of solar power technology founded in 2002 by Martin Roscheisen and Brian Sager. Nanosolar focuses on thin-film panels as they serve as a cheaper alternative due to the fewer amount of raw material they use, which in turn makes them lighter weight and therefore easier to transport (Nanosolar, 2). Although thin-film panels are cheaper, they are less efficient and this becomes another matter to address in addition to where Nanosolar will go to market. With this, Nanosolar would need to go to market in countries that provide financial support and have demand for solar energy; thus, I recommend that Nanosolar go to market in Europe. Tools of persuasion are a significant aspect of everyday decisions, and it is no…show more content…
Government incentives and policy factors serve as significant motivation for market entry especially in high-cost, highly competitive markets such as solar energy. Therefore, Nanosolar must take the types of incentives and the differences between them into consideration to ensure that they enter the best market. Government incentives are important because they not only provide reasons for consumers to switch over to solar energy from other less sustainable forms of electricity, but also attract solar power companies such as Nanosolar to enter the industry and provide those services. With this, Nanosolar is aware that European markets are highly profitable, especially in countries like Germany that enacted renewable energy laws that provide feed-in tariffs that required “utilities to buy solar electricity at a fixed price which allowed all key players to make enough profit”, in addition to France whom implemented tax credits and subsidies to entice citizens to shift to solar electricity, and Italy whom offered bonuses to schools and public health facilities that moved to solar electricity (Nanosolar, 10). Lastly, Nanosolar’s “existing relations with European power suppliers” and the assembly plant in Germany make Europe a more attractive industry because they can be “more price competitive” in Europe as a result (Nanosolar, 12). European offerings differ from the United States’

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