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Observation 1: SQ
Observation One: The Status Quo
First, Nano Development in Mexico is on the rise – it’s unregulated and risks spinning out of control

Inter Press Service 2k12
(Tierramérica, “MEXICO: Scientists Call For Regulation of Nanotechnology,” 03/12/2012,, AC)
MEXICO CITY, Mar 12 (Tierramérica).- Nanotechnology, which is currently unregulated in Mexico, could pose serious threats to human health and the environment, cautions a new study. "Far from a policy of precaution vis-à-vis these new technologies, products are entering the market without regulation to guarantee their safety or labels to inform of their use," researcher Guillermo
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After a review of nanotechnology initiatives, it is surprising that the Programa Especial does not make any reference to the possible risks to health and the environment related to the use of nanotechnology—neither its ethical and legal implications, nor the public participation in what many scientists see as the most important technological revolution of the 21st century. The absence of concern associated with the use of nanotechnology in México becomes worrying because of the increasing number of laboratories in the area. Furthermore, many of them are already using clean rooms and very sophisticated equipment with the main objective of encouraging the production of nanocomponents for the industrial sector. In the same vein, Argentina and Brazil do not have a program to discuss the implications and risks of nanotechnology, or a plan to supervise the activities related to nanotechnology research and development. In this regard, it is clear that the distance between Latin America and its European and North American counterparts is expanding. Due to the absence of a National Nanotechnology Initiative, México has turned its attention to different research centers in search for
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