Nanotechnology And Its Effects On Our Future

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Imagine that, in the near future, you need surgery in your lungs. Currently, it would be very invasive and very risky to do surgery on your lungs. But, with advances in nanotechnology, the surgery could be quick and painless. There could be almost no risk attributed to surgeries like nowadays, and it would not be nearly as invasive either. Nanotechnology is something that isn’t necessarily new, it has been talked about and worked upon for many years. However, there have been advances in this field that have led to new and also exciting discoveries. Surgeries, for example, are one of the things that nanotechnology has seen a promising future for. There is, however, a dark side of this. While there are many innovations that have launched this technology to the forefront of many scientists’ minds, there are also skeptics and nonbelievers that say this technology could do more harm than it could good. There are many pros, but there are even more cons to this technology. This reason is why so many people say that we should not be pushing this technology as far and as hard as we currently are. If there is not a change in the rapid growth of this technology, there could be some undesirable consequences. There is a nearly universal belief that cancer is horrible. There is also nearly universal belief that the treatments we have today for cancer are not effective at all, and they are also not safe. Chemotherapy is one of the most widespread treatment options, and it clearly

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