Nanotechnology And The Energy Crisis

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Nanotechnology and the Energy Crisis A major problem facing the world today is the energy crisis. The amount of energy being consumed is much greater than the fossil fuels of the Earth will be able to keep up with in the long run. As energy use continues to grow, the demand for energy will exceed its supply. This is obviously a huge problem, and why this is being referred to as a crisis. However, nanotechnology can potentially solve this problem due to its ability to help make every aspect of producing or consuming energy significantly more efficient. Yet, the use of nanotechnology in solving the energy crisis would not come without large impacts: some positive, but some negative. The Energy Crisis To understand how nanotechnology can solve the energy crisis, the energy crisis itself must fully be understood. While many throw out years when the world will run out of energy, these figures assume that no change will occur in the current consumption of energy. Since the world is constantly changing, so will the energy industry. There are so many factors that go into why one day the world will not run out of energy. The biggest reason is economics. As supply of fossil fuels decreases, the price will rise, and demand for renewable resources will increase. Another reason is that scientists, especially as it becomes more economically efficient, will look to find other sources of energy (Bradley, 2004). Yet, there is still a problem. No matter how many fossil fuels people
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