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Jeremy Rifkin wrote, in his article Biotech Century: Playing Ecological Roulette with Mother Natures Design, "Humans have been remaking the Earth for as long as we have had a history." Well the path of history humans have chosen to take also affects how we remake the Earth. In Neal Stephensons novel, The Diamond Age, one is shown how the technology of the time reshapes the political, economical and educational aspects of history. That technology is the manipulation of molecules into atomic-sized machines called nano-machines. Stephenson brilliantly shows how such a powerful and truly revolutionary technology like nanotechnology could change life, as we now know it, or they in the future know life. Nanotechnology, as
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Many today would argue that an education that was all books and no hands-on experience would be an education wasted. And many would also argue that most individuals learn best from those that know best- other humans with experience themselves. However, nanotechnology made it possible for one young girl named Nell, a nobody lower class four year-old, get the education that anyone would wish for. The reason behind the success of her educational experience with a book was because of the nanotechnology implemented to make the book itself. This book, called the Primer, was fully dynamic in every way possible. Every question Nell had was answered. Every possible situation conceivable was covered. Nell did not even know how to read before she started using the Primer, and at the end of the novel, she could understand books more advanced than most could even read, she could solve incredibly complex problems, she had the articulation of an orator, and the properness even a Victorian would be proud of. This same technology that Nell possessed was past on to approximately two hundred and fifty thousand other little girls the same age as Nell when she started. Just think of the immediate impact such a volume of well-educated poor girls would have on the economy and politics of the time. A huge closure in the gap between the privileged and the unprivileged in such a sudden time frame would create utter chaos, and in the story, such an event did create utter chaos. All these

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