Nanotechnology On The Atomic, Molecular, And Supramolecular

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What is Nanotechnology and why is it so important? Nanotechnology is the study that focuses on processing the materials on the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.In the recent two decades, scientists started developing the capability to control matter at the level of single atoms and small groups of atoms and to characterize the properties of materials and systems at that scale.The importance of nanotechnology is that it will enhance or even revolutionize, a lot of technology and industry sections such as, engineering, biology, chemistry, and Nanotechnology in medical field considered to be the most important sector that nanotechnology must improve. There are many physical distinguishing qualities of nanoparticles, which influence their functions. The size of the nanoparticles is incredibly small. They have a novel structure, optical, and electronic properties that many large molecules lack. They also have high solubility, which may be used to reinvestigate bulk drugs that have poor solubility. This feature may provide the ability to convert drugs with poor solubility into a soluble suspensions, and as a result of that, there will be no need for toxic organic solvents. Studies have shown that nanoparticles have longer circulation time compared to large particles that are over 200 nm without regard of any surface modifications present. Another feature of nanoparticles is that they come in a variety of shapes, including spheres, discs, hemispheres,
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