Napalm Girl Essay

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Music is the weapon of choice in the year of 1991, where independence is given and our freedoms are formed. The strength of personal freedom is what allows us to value our independence. We tend to realize that our strength gives us the ability to create an art form, which captures the stories we want to be heard or told. These un-told stories are what tell us the best and worst parts of the world we live in today.
In today’s society there are many stories that need to be heard, which leads me to my first example, is a photo taken by photographer Nick Ut called Napalm Girl. This picture is taken in 1972 during the Vietnam War, where bombing took place. In this picture you will see a girl naked, running in the middle of the road away from the bombing. This girl is crying a screaming in terror, while the other children around her are crying and walking or running away from the horror. These children are also being followed by a few service men, who seem to be looking in different directions, with the cloud of smoke is behind them. Napalm girl is a picture which impacts the world of the horror that innocent
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This mural in located in part of down town for everyone to see as they drive by the building. The World War I mural shows a scroll list of names on many different parts of this painting, while the middle of this mural shows a man standing next to a tall cement object. This object looks to have names on it, and is located in what used to be the old downtown. I chose this mural due to its history behind the painting. This mural allows for all to see the men and women who served to protect us to whom lived in Prophetstown Illinois. I feel that this mural is a form of art to which is commemorative of those who stood tall and proud to fight. The World War I mural gives us allows for the public to honor and remember those would protected our
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