Napoleon A Hero Or A Villain Essay

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Napoleon had great military ability and leadership skills, these abilities led him to become Emperor of France in 1804 and modernize the nation after the revolution1. There are many positive points that can lead people to believe he was a hero of France, but for every one of those points there are negatives that lead us to believe he was a villain of Europe. Napoleon was not absolutely good or absolutely bad which makes it difficult to argue either side, but I believe in the case of Napoleon the bad outweighs the good, which is why I would put him as a 3 on a hero villain continuum. His villainous side appears if we look at the Napoleonic code, the continental system, dropping revolutionary ideas, and over estimating his military ability. …show more content…

After the continental system former allies of France turned against them, one of these allies being Russia4. Napoleon felt the only way to teach Russia a lesson would be to invade them. He felt very confident in this invasion plan especially since he had taken so many lands before, fortunately taking Russia in the winter was too difficult even for his army. After this event Napoleon’s hold over other lands and in France began to come to an end5. People saw him for who he really was a dictator who did everything he could to keep power for himself. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Prussia, and Austria did not see him as someone who could lead and instead wanted to govern themselves and fight to end his tyranny. If Napoleon was truly a heroic leader and general why would so many people fight against his control. In conclusion, Napoleon has done things that I believe are villainous and therefore he is a villain. The people of France wanted change and some sense of leadership after the revolution and that is what Napoleon could give them. Unfortunately he began to show the signs of a villain and forgot about the principles of the revolution, was blinded by power, and overestimated his abilities as the leader of an empire and an army. Had people realized earlier he was not going to be the great change they wanted and hoped for it may have saved them from his

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