Napoleon And The French Revolution

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Haley Gilmore
HI 102 B
20 April 2015

Napoleon and the French Revolution From 1789 to 1799, France saw its bloodiest and most violent time in its history. The people of France were fed up with the living conditions of their society and the requirements that their government continued to pile onto them. An unsatisfied society, more often than not, will lead a revolt of some kind, at some point. This period in history saw rise to power the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte, with his many trials and tribulations. Napoleon Bonaparte and his controlling and overpowering tactics both advanced the ideals of the French Revolution. Many events occurred in this time that forever altered the very fabric of French existence. In May of 1789, King Louis XVI called to assembly the Estates General. This was group of individuals was intended to represent all aspects of French society by demonstrating people from all three major social distinctions: nobility, clergy, and the rest of the population, called the Third-Estate. Though this arrangement may seem like a fair one, it was set up to never work out in favor of the lower, working class. The Estates General was divided up to always have more nobility and clergy that Third-Estates. In other words, the segment that represented a majority of French population would never succeed in passing any wanted legislation. At one particular meeting, the Third-Estate was fed up with its lack of influence and left/kicked out and decided to…
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