Napoleon Bonaparte : A Hero As A Hero

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A hero is someone who is admired for the positive impact they have had on a society. Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a renowned military strategist and ruler, is considered the quintessence of a hero. During his time as France’s emperor and military general, he enacted many reforms, such as his public works projects, that positively affected the country. He also guided the French empire through a period of expansion. Although he committed many blunders throughout the course of his reign, under Napoleon, France flourished and was ushered out of the Reign of Terror and into a much brighter future, thus allowing Napoleon Bonaparte and his legacy to rightfully earn its heroic status in French history. Napoleon was a military mastermind and strategist who led France to many victories in war. He used numerous tactics to gain an advantage over his opponents, and many of these military strategies served as the basis for the minds of future generals.. As an aggressive general, Napoleon always looked to use the speed of his troops to catch the enemies off-guard, thus allowing his army to raid the slow-footed opposition. Even with his brilliant tactics and ideas, his most useful weapon during battle was his strong skills as a motivator. He encouraged his troops to live up to Napoleon’s lofty standard of success and “The speed at which his armies moved was also due to his strong motivation”(Johnson, 50). His method of motivation encouraged a sense of nationalism for the country, during
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