Napoleon Bonaparte, A Hero As A Military Hero

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It’s no secret to anybody: everyone admires and respects a military hero, no matter what their background is or who they are. Throughout the world’s history, military veterans have continuously captured people’s hearts and respect in multiple different ways. Napoleon Bonaparte was no different. Faced with the responsibility of leading post-revolution France at the age of just 30 years old, the widely respected military general was both honored, and sometimes disliked, by the French people. Bonaparte made strong promises to his citizens, and was a brilliant war strategist, while occasionally being vain and narcissistic as the hero of France. Because of his contradicting words and actions, Napoleon Bonaparte is widely seen as an antihero, or a hero whose endeavours may have been wrongfully motivated. During his reign, Napoleon Bonaparte made many positive reforms to the French government and society, and restored much needed law and order to the empire. On November 9th, 1799, Bonaparte overthrew the corrupt Directory of France, in his famous seizure of power, or coup d’etat. As the new leader, Napoleon Bonaparte redesigned the economy, and wrote a new civil code, fittingly named the “Napoleonic Code”. Bonaparte, “created two new bodies: the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury” (Stark, Reforms) in his attempt to repair the corrupt economy after the Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte also wrote his famous civil code, “based on the principles of equality of all before the law, an
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