Napoleon Bonaparte : A Military Genius And Strategist

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Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most successful leaders throughout history acquiring an enormous empire stretching from Belgium to the far side of the Adriatic Sea. In addition, Napoleon was a military genius and strategist as well as emperor of France, twice, once from 1804 to 1814 and then again in 1815 which started the 100 Days War. With all of his achievements Napoleon stands out with numerous competencies and attributes of a leader that are used and encouraged today and looking at his history one can see the positive impact that it had on the men he lead as well as the success that he made in conquest. As well as showing many positive leader attributes Napoleon also showed a few distasteful leadership attributes and characteristics that would not be excepted today and it is reflected in some of the problems that Napoleon had as a leader from using them. Napoleon Bonaparte: Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in Corsica France and was the second child of Carlo Bonaparte. Napoleon would then move on to the military academy in Paris where he graduated as a second lieutenant in Artillery in 1793. During the period of 1793 to 1794 was a prime time for leaders such as Bonaparte to gain power due to the struggle in government in France with the Jacobins and the Directory which took power in 1795 and rewarded Napoleon for his help in saving the government from counter revolutionary forces by gaining the position of Commander of the Army of the Interior, in
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