Napoleon Bonaparte And His Power

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a great leader until he took his power too far. He helped France get out of their debt and also won multiple territories from winning wars. He continued to strengthen France with his great leadership and military strategies. Eventually, though, he began to abuse his power. He proceeded through a war, without forfeit and experienced a great defeat. During his time of power Napoleon was a paradox. Napoleon’s fall from being a great leader taught us that, sometimes when people get too used to having so much power and authority, they may abuse their powers to a large extent. At the beginning of his reign, Napoleon entered France’s governmental system while France was in a huge debt from The Revolution, and the aftermath of King Louis IVI. But Napoleon quickly fixed this problem for France. “To help organize finances in the government, he created two new bodies: the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury. In one of the only wise moves the Directory (the previous governing body of France) ever made, the assignats began to be recalled and franc reintroduced. This was finished under Napoleon, and the affect was that people now had reliable money.” (Finances) With him being able to make such a huge difference in such little time, he was gaining attention and authority, from the people of France. After so many years of France going through debt, he fixed it in a short matter of time. This began to strengthen France again, making them more powerful, along with
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