Napoleon Bonaparte - Villain or Hero?

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Napoleon Bonaparte was inarguably an important figure in the history of France and Europe. However, there has been much controversy over the subject in the past. Would history perceive him as a hero or an enemy of France and the world? Many twentieth-century dictators would later model themselves on Napoleon, more than a hundred years after his death. Napoleon was not the first dictator, so why was he such an important figurehead for future dictators? Some historians may consider that Napoleon was a savior of France, and a brilliant military genius. Others would believe that he was a corrupted tyrant and had betrayed key ideals that had been established in the French Revolution. His rise to and consolidation of power made him a full …show more content…

Without any to oppose him, only supporters would have been left.

Napoleon 's foreign policy would turn out to be his ultimate downfall and the biggest red mark next to his name. His foreign policy was designed to subdue Europe by military conquest, rather than diplomacy. In short, he wanted to rule the world or as much of it as possible. They fought with Napoleon in what would be known as the Napoleonic wars, but Napoleon won several battles, such as the

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