Napoleon Bonaparte and The French Revolution

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Napoleon and The French revolution Napoleon Bonaparte was a visionary to some, and a ruthless ruler to others. The purpose of the French revolution was to free the oppressed and stop the bloodshed that was occurring in France. The real question is whether Napoleon was the legitimate heir to the visions of the French revolution. Napoleon was in essence a very powerful man that took control of France but threw out many of the ideals of the French Revolution. His actions during his takeover where more than enough to prove that he did not intend to let France live through the old beliefs of the French revolution. “During his time in power Napoleon reestablished a French aristocracy (eliminated in the French revolution) and began handing out tittles of nobility” (His reign, History, no page.) This affected the way France governed itself again even after the French Revolution. I. Napoleons Beginnings. A.How napoleon began in the French army. B. Who helped Napoleon quickly move up the ranks of the French army. C. Napoleons takeover of France. II. The French Revolution. A. What brought about the revolution. B. What occurred during the revolutions. C. What changed in France after the revolution. III. Napoleons changes in France. A. What did he change in France. B. How did he change France. C. Why did he change France. IV. How do the changes in
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