Napoleon Bonaparte as a Military Leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte as a Military Leader There have been many successful military leaders throughout history, but no leader has ever conquered the entire world. Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the best leaders of all time, nearly achieved this goal. Although his conquest for power and territory were beneficial to France, it did not have the same effect on Europe. As a self-appointed emperor, Napoleon was known as an extraordinary military field general and an effective reformer. His political policy furthered several reforms of the revolution. Through his wars he expanded the influence of Europe. In 1802 Napoleon, was vote First Consul of France, then in 1804 he declared himself Emperor. Immediately Napoleon obtained absolute power. His…show more content…
He understood that many people were opposed the Civil Constitution of the Church, so he made an agreement with the pope to prevent being bishops elected and to allow the pope have control over them. Napoleon protected the idea of religious tolerance, while Catholicism was acknowledged to be the religion of the majority of France. This was positive for Napoleon because he gained the support of the church. In 1792 France embarked on the first Napoleonic war. At the time, France was fighting to prevent other European monarchs from hindering their revolution. However by 1795 France was fighting to gain wealth, power, and a dynasty. In the beginning France was thought to be weak by its neighboring countries, but they were soon shocked when they got news of how successful the French were. By the beginning 1800's Napoleon had built an empire that covered Europe. He proved to be a superior military leader when he fought the Austrians. They were expecting a full frontal assault, but they were ambushed from behind, preventing any chance of retreat. He soon defeated both the Austrians and Russians, who quickly declared peace. Napoleon's victories frightened Prussia's of France's power. Prussia became nervous when Napoleon destroyed the Holy Roman Empire. So in 1806 Prussia declared war on France. That war went relatively smoothly for Napoleon as he took Berlin. From 1807 to 1812 France’s empire spread from France to the border Russia. He directly
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