Napoleon Dynamite Film Analysis

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The movie Napoleon Dynamite directed by Jared Hess and released June 11, 2004 is a comedy about an awkward teen that has trouble fitting in. Napoleon (Jon Heder) the main character, lives with his grandma until she gets into an accident and his life is immediately made worse when his uncle Rico (Jon Gries) who is stuck in his high school football “superstar” days knocks on their door and is there to keep an eye on Napoleon while his grandma is getting hospitalized. Napoleon has a red afro, wears moon boots, and is constantly practicing his atrocious ninja moves. Napoleon has a best friend in high school names Pedro (Efren Ramirez) who decides to run for class president, and it is up to Napoleon to step out of his comfort zone to help Pedro win, and get his information out around school. Napoleon Dynamite was excellent because it met the criteria of humor, acting, and the profound message. The first criteria for this review is humor which is defined as, “The quality that makes something laughable, amusing or funniness” (“Humor,” 2017, para. 1). The second criteria is acting, which is defined as “the practice of representing a character before cameras” (“Acting n.d., para. 1.). Lastly, the third piece of criteria for this review is the profound message and profound is defined as, “extending under the surface” (“Profound” n.d., para. 1). The audience for this review is somebody who has not seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, someone who has a different opinion on the movie or
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