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“I live only for posterity, death is nothing, but to live without glory is to die every day” (Lefebvre 43). Napoleon was driven by his desire for glory and ambition and his ascension was tremendous. Born in Corsica, his family moved to France, in Marseilles, when he was only a child. From the state of a “lieutenant,” at the age of sixteen, to the one of emperor in 1804, till reigning over the European continent after his conquest of Prussia, his ascension was not only due to the events that occurred during his life, but was also due to his ambition and his tremendous genius. His genius was both military and political.

Napoleon was a military genius because of his career rapidity. He went to the
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While in the past the army was relying on only one leadership, Napoleon gave more independence to each corps. Napoleon organized each corps in a sort of a small army that was combining groups from the different branches that are infantry cavalry and artillery. Another important detail that led Napoleon to victory was the large number of soldiers he had under his orders. Horne underlines the important difference between Napoleon’s military over 100,000 people in most of his battles to the 50,000 men in the Augustan army during the previous century (86). Both the division by Napoleon of his troops in smaller corps and the never seen number of soldier helped him to achieve his goals. Those two important innovations promoted the description of Napoleon as a military genius.

Napoleon was a military genius because his military innovations were present over Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. An author who cites Napoleon’s military gift to warfare is Rothenberg: “Armies manoeuvred in corps, divisions and brigades and fought in columns and skirmish lines supported by massed batteries of mobile field artillery “(301). This author states the different organizations, strategies and tactics kept after Napoleon’s retreat. The numerous

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