Napoleon Gained Power over Animal Farm

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Throughout the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, Napoleon gained, managed and maintained his power over the animals of the farm. Napoleon gained power over the animals by using force, propaganda, manipulating the animals and sending his opposition into exile. His style of leadership involved using the media to support his decisions, enforcing a variety of new laws and using fear to keep himself in a position of superiority over the other animals. By changing events to his advantage and implementing strategies to signify his importance, Napoleon manages to maintain his power. Napoleon gained power over Animal Farm by manipulating the animals of the farm, using propaganda and forcing his opposition into exile. He used many different …show more content…

Napoleon maintained his power over Animal Farm by turning situations to his advantage and using different strategies to signify his importance. Napoleon was an opportunitist. This means that when he realized he could use a situation, whether good or bad, to hid advantage, he did so. An example is when the windmill topples and he tells the animals that Snowball is the cause and turns the animals against Snowball instead of himself. From

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