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Napoleon Perdis is the creator of a line of women’s cosmetics, aptly named after him, allowing women of all ages the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty and best facial features through a selection of colour cosmetics. Today, Napoleon Perdis is a respected, international cosmetics brand, with Napoleon’s makeup artistry skills hired for use on fashion shows and film projects, both in Australia and internationally.

The success of the Napoleon Perdis brand did not happen overnight. Having completed a Political science degree, majoring in business law and marketing management, and with a $30 000 loan from his father, Napoleon opened his first cosmetics store and make up Academy in 1995 on Oxford Street, Paddington. It is through his
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Napoleon Perdis is perceived to be a very independent person, highly valuing creativity and the freedom to act, which are stated as characteristics of Self-Direction by Alice Ramos (2006). We can see that Napoleon possesses these qualities through his description of his personality when establishing his business, “I was very aggressive and assertive, and I was very positive with what I wanted” (Spicer 2006). From this information it is clear that Napoleon would consider Self-Direction of high importance. This quote also reinforces the fact that Napoleon has an internal locus of control, meaning he believes that he is responsible for his own fate.

Because of Napoleon’s dynamic and energetic personality, I believe that he would value Stimulation as of high importance to him, as he seems to enjoy change, excitement and stimulating experiences.

Coming from humble beginnings it is clear that Napoleon intends to enjoy his life and the wealth that he has created, having not been exposed to many luxuries during his childhood. Because of his upbringing, I feel that Napoleon would regard Power and Hedonism highly as values, as he appears to consider power and material possessions of importance. The importance of power to Napoleon is seen through such comments as “I want to be remembered for something”(Light 2005), while the importance he places on personal wealth is seen through his notoriously

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