Napoleon a Great Military Leader

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Assignment 1
In the Primitive society, human lived among each other in caves. They shared stuffs, which they hunted with each other. In the tribes, they still need a leader, who can guide them during those hunting journey. Time goes by, the develop of human society makes we need another type of leader who can dominant, confident, aggressive, creative, and long term view, etc. Many great leaders were born to guide the human society develop to higher level; but anything has two sides of it, and sometimes we have some leaders who tried to destroy the society. Those people are Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, etc. there are many
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Yes he was. He never accepted to become loser, he never gave up. Napoléon’s 100 days campaign is the biggest evidence. Although the United Kingdom took his crown away from him and sent him to St Elba, he still came back, and fight for his right, for his crown, for his country.
In addition, he leaded France to become the most powerful country at that time. Was he a high achiever? He was a boy in Ajaccio, Corsica, and studied in the best military school in Paris, became the general at the age of 24 and the king of France at the age 35. Napoléon was a bold and creative solder. He never stood behind the line, and never accepted losing a battle. Was he creative? He leaded his army to defeat Austria, which was one of the biggest armies in the world at that time. He thought of crossing the Alps to make a sudden strike to Austria’s army, which no one could think or image about that.
In addition, Napoléon was a persistent, tenacious man. As you can see, he never gave up in something he thought that was right. He decided to attack Russia, Egypt, and left behind all the advices. It ended up with disaster. Napoléon always had a dream to control the whole of Europe, becoming the king of the world. Unluckily, United Kingdom always tried to destroy his dream. Napoléon was a man, who has foresighted view. He realized the potential chances for him to climb into the new level of power.
In general, Napoléon was one of the greatest leader humans ever had. He
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