Napoleon and Castro Helped to Change the World Into Which They Were Born

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Politics shape the world we live in, and to change the world we live in requires a special people, for example Napoleon Bonaparte and Fidel Castro. These two men are some of few who took the world they were born into and changed it dramatically, but how exactly did they go about doing that?

Fidel Castro was born a bastard child, his father an immigrant from northwestern Spain, and raised on a farm which his father led to success. Fidel was sent to a public school where he was reprimanded for misbehaving and was sent to a prestigious private Catholic school.

Napoleon was born on Corsica an Italian island a year before it was transferred to France, whom he took as his home. His family were minor Italian nobles which gave Napoleon more
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Fidel would spend many of the next 3 years staging rebellion attempts against the cuban government until 1956 where he staged a guerilla war against government forces until 1959. After a brutal war three men took power in Cuba until one of the three tried to oust the other two leaving one fleeing and Castro to take his revenge and killing him, leaving him the leader of Cuba.

Napoleon would spend the next few years fighting wars in Italy and Egypt under the French government securing victory after victory for the still shaky republican government. He was called back to France to guard its borders and found the Republic weak and unliked, ousting the cabinet he held a Plebiscite a vote for him to become emperor. Three million voted for him and one thousand five hundred and sixty seven voted against. Leaving him emperor of France.

Both of these men took control of a Nation from an unpopular government, one through force and one through a popular vote. Both of these men would change their respective nations over the next few years.

Fidel would attempt to charm the United states into enacting a Latin American Marshall plan, though failing and striking a mutual dislike between him and then vice president Richard-Nixon in 1959. He would spend the next few years building schools and hospitals and enacting
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