Napoleon and The French Revolution, Questions and Answers

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Part I: Essay No one can deny that Napoleon was a great leader, and can be considered one of the greatest in history. He accomplished many goals in his life, and completely changed the face of Europe in less than two decades. Napoleon would have never been able to accomplish these goals though, if the French Revolution had not taken place. Being born a foreigner, Napoleon was only able to rise to power, because of government reforms and his successful military service. In many ways, Napoleon owes his fortune to the Revolution, and exemplifies many of its values. As his rule went on though, Napoleon betrayed many gains of the Revolution. His ambition stretched beyond the limits of the new governments, and through greed and desire, eventually returned to many principles of the old regime. One of the major points of his betrayal comes from his appointment to emperor. This unsubtle transition goes against the main reason for revolution in France. If they are willing to go the extent of executing the previous king, the people of France would probably not want an even stronger autocratic ruler. Even Napoleon’s coronation ceremony resembles the old monarchies they fought to overthrow. Another backward step that Napoleon took was his marriage to Maria-Louisa, the princess of Austria. This arrangement was political, and done to keep peace with Austria, solidifying them as an ally of his new empire. This marriage benefitted Napoleon in multiple ways. This includes peace with a
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