Napoleon 's Rise Of Power

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Napoleon’s Rise to Power

Jack Knickrehm AP euro period 6 February 22, 2017

Hailed as one of the greatest rulers, military commanders and conquerors in the history of mankind, Napoleon Bonaparte transformed a continent, and made himself a household name and a universally admired icon, even two centuries later. As a French political leader and military general, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe in just 16 years. Later crowned Emperor, he transformed land use, education, banking, agriculture, and legal codes that are still used in France today. So how did Napoleon rise to such
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Or again when Napoleon’s troops scored a victory against Egypt’s military rulers, the Mamluks, at the Battle of the Pyramids in July 1798. This was a major blow to British supply routes and a great victory for France, and especially Napoleon. He was able to acquire direct control over an important and profitable trade route. This is very important as not only did these conquests display Napoleon 's capabilities and prepare him and his army for the coup as well as the Napoleonic wars that would soon follow, but it also earned him more and more political and military power with each battle he won. It also granted him resources and territory from which to stage his coup and seizure of power. He used his conquered territories in Italy to fund his military campaigns and his acquired trade routes to facilitate the influx of power and wealth into his newly conquered territories.
Taking territory also allowed him to establish his own regional governments. In 1797, he defeated the Italians and the Austrians and created his puppet government of the Cispadane Republic. He did similarly with his conquest of the so called low countries, which ended with his victory and the treaty of Campo Formio. This is a very pivotal point in Napoleon 's rise to power as it is the first instance of a territory that was completely conquered
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